commercial security systems

Timing Your Security Project Is Critical

Moving your business into a newly constructed or renovated building can be exciting and stressful. There is a tremendous amount of planning and coordination that goes into the construction of a new building. Renovation or construction of a new building requires your general contractor to manage site development, framing, HVAC, electrical, sheet rock and painting […]

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Companies Spend More on Coffee Than Protecting Their Business

The United States is experiencing one of the most challenging and lengthy recessions on record. At a time when many of us fear with our wallets, we now have reason to fear for our safety as well. According to a USA Today article (January 27, 2009) “Police report crime spikes related to economy,” a comprehensive […]

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Do I Need A Security System For My Small Business?

You are probably saying because you have a small business, “I don’t need a security system.” You also may feel that because you are small you have nothing to steal. This kind of mindset could make your business even smaller or completely disappear. What do I mean? No matter what kind or size of business […]

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Customer Tip #113: The Installer’s Vehicle Can Be Foretelling

Let’s set the scene… You need an alarm, camera or key fob access system installed for your home or business. You want it to meet all your criteria relative to features and scheduling of the work. The sales person assures you that all will be perfect! The sales person also tells you that the system […]

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Physical Security Complacency Opens The Door

In this economy the small business owner is focused more than ever on growing the business through retaining and acquiring new customers. The thought of becoming a victim of crime is an unwelcome visitor and rarely becomes the equation in business operational costs. All too often a business owner is focused more on day to day operations rather than questioning if the […]

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Copper Thieves Leave Business Feeling the Heat

A local business was the target of copper thieves Memorial Day weekend. According to a business spokesperson, suspects got on the roof and stripped rooftop air conditioning units of the copper. The crime resulted in over $80,000 in damage. Copper theft is getting increasingly popular among thieves as the price of copper continues to climb. […]

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