Monthly Archives: July 2013

What Does Free or Cheap Security Mean?

You may have seen the ads: Get your FREE Security System. Get your FREE Yard Sign and State of the Art Security System for FREE. Get an $875 Security System Absolutely Free. Business Security System for $99 Sounds like a great deal, right? If you honestly think you’re going to get proper protection for your […]

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Can you afford NOT to be protected?

I often hear from homeowners “I can’t afford to have a home security system” or “I have extended myself financially and can’t justify the cost of a home alarm.” Considering all the expenses a homeowner has, utilities, insurance, taxes, repairs, decorating expenses, lawn care and others an alarm system is just one more expense you […]

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Security, protection and privacy

A local business needed a new security camera system that would let management oversee operations when offsite and to determine customer traffic patterns in the restaurant for scheduling of staff as well as monitoring for employee pilferage. Management shared the design of a proposed camera system to be provided by a telecommunications company, “Company A”. […]

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Physical Security Complacency Opens The Door

In this economy the small business owner is focused more than ever on growing the business through retaining and acquiring new customers. The thought of becoming a victim of crime is an unwelcome visitor and rarely becomes the equation in business operational costs. All too often a business owner is focused more on day to day operations rather than questioning if the […]

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