July 4, 2013

Physical Security Complacency Opens The Door

complacentIn this economy the small business owner is focused more than ever on growing the business through retaining and acquiring new customers. The thought of becoming a victim of crime is an unwelcome visitor and rarely becomes the equation in business operational costs.

All too often a business owner is focused more on day to day operations rather than questioning if the business is truly secure enough to withstand an intruder’s attack or loss from fire or theft.  Business owners who are complacent about their business’ physical security can cause themselves thousands of dollars in unnecessary damage and lost time resulting from the damage as a result from the forced entry, devastating fire a thieving employee.

When making sales calls to business owners I often hear, “I am not interested” or “I am all set” or other objections. These ‘not interested’ parties may never consider the ramifications a burglary, fire or internal pilferage may have on their business operations and bottom line.

These concerns are not just  reserved for the retail or dining industry. Many industries when exposed to burglary, fire or theft can be experience substantial economic and social impact. Consider the following examples:

It is more important than ever to stop thinking “this won’t happen to me” and start believing it will. Once you accept that fact, then you can plan for it and prevent it.