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Hard Questions to Ask When Choosing a Security Company

Choosing a security company is an important part of protecting your home or business from threatening situations such as intrusion, fire and theft. And with so many options, selecting the right company may seem like a daunting task. Here are ten items you should keep in mind when considering a company for your security or […]

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Companies Spend More on Coffee Than Protecting Their Business

The United States is experiencing one of the most challenging and lengthy recessions on record. At a time when many of us fear with our wallets, we now have reason to fear for our safety as well. According to a USA Today article (January 27, 2009) “Police report crime spikes related to economy,” a comprehensive […]

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Would you buy a fridge from your cable company?

Up until recently you had limited choices for security systems. You would buy an alarm or camera system from a security company. That was it. They are easy to spot. Most security companies usually have SECURITY as their middle name. For example, Keystone Security Systems has a middle name of SECURITY. And why is that? […]

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10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Security Company

First it was Time Warner®. Now AT&T®. Now Lowes®. What is it? SECURITY. We have all seen the ads advertising an all-digital, all-wireless home security and automation system that uses your smartphone. Monitoring will be provided by these cable companies or you can monitor it yourself (see our blog on self monitoring). Installation and service […]

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