Monthly Archives: April 2016

Business Crime Prevention Tips

Statistics show that crime is on the rise nationwide. From personal safety to crime in the home and workplace, no one is immune. Crime does not discriminate by age, ethnicity, or income level. As a nation, we look to law enforcement to apprehend criminals, thereby keeping citizens safe. Laws at the local, state, and federal […]

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The Hidden ROI of Surveillance in Business

There are many hidden benefits having a good surveillance system where you work—not just the obvious. Rather, there can be a significant ROI associated with a state-of-the-art camera system in protecting people, property, plant and equipment. Security ROI is complex and, at times, hard to quantify. The payoff from systems designed to protect a retail […]

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Can I Record Audio In My Business?

I am frequently asked if audio can be recorded in a surveillance system in various situations such as a retail store, church, school classroom, work office, in common areas in a residential building and in a home. Usually the answer is a flat NO, and the reason is that even if one party to the […]

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