October 6, 2013

Do I Need A Security System For My Small Business?

storefrontYou are probably saying because you have a small business, “I don’t need a security system.” You also may feel that because you are small you have nothing to steal. This kind of mindset could make your business even smaller or completely disappear. What do I mean?

No matter what kind or size of business you’re operating, you have assets you need to protect. Small businesses may be particularly vulnerable to crime as small businesses often do not have safeguards in place to prevent and detect criminal activity. In fact, small businesses are even more vulnerable as a much larger operation since many thieves feel a smaller business is an easier target.

Consider just what one break-in will cost your small business. According to the most recent Crime in the United States report, theft of office equipment costs businesses in the USA to over $650 million annually! The average cost of a break-in to a small businesses can begin at $2000 per incident. Many small businesses don’t have the same type of insurance protection to protect stock, supplies and equipment and most times the theft of these items will come out of the proprietor’s pocketbook. An unexpected expense of $2000 can mean the difference between keeping the doors open or closing them for forever,

Besides locking the doors at night, the small business owner needs to consider the protection an alarm system can provide the business. Today there are many lower cost, high quality burglar alarm systems that can be within the reach of most small businesses. The key is working with a licensed security professional that will spend the time with you to learn about your business, your budget and your needs.

Security professionals are also aware of any compliance, regulatory, insurance, and liability issues you need to be weary of.

Small businesses and small business owners are unique. The same goes for their specific security needs. A large automotive dealership or retail company isn’t going to have the same kind of business security needs as a mom and pop business. However, every business does need some sort of security protection. Explore the options that are best for you by speaking with a qualified security professional who will spend the quality time with you so you can learn about your options today.