October 1, 2013

Customer Tip #113: The Installer’s Vehicle Can Be Foretelling

Let’s set the scene…

You need an alarm, camera or key fob access system installed for your home or business. You want it to meet all your criteria relative to features and scheduling of the work. The sales person assures you that all will be perfect! The sales person also tells you that the system will be installed in your home or business with the highest quality in workmanship as they only hire the best professionals.You sign on the dotted line and you schedule the install of your new found investment in peace of mind.

On the day of the installation, the installer shows up to your doorstep to do the work! What goes through your mind when you meet this person at your doorstep? With an unlimited number of contractors in the world, the image that contractor portrays can have a direct impact on the quality of the workmanship your project will receive.

The appearance of the installer’s work vehicle can be very foretelling. A messy or untidy work vehicle can be a tip-off to the type of quality that your security project will get. Your security project may be installed by a sloppy fly-by-night installer and may not function properly. The installer may not clean up after himself, leaving you to clean up the mess.

On the flip side, a tidy and clean work vehicle means the installer takes pride in his workmanship. Here are some questions to ask the installer prior to letting him work?

  1. Are his tools neatly organized inside the installing vehicle?
  2. Is the vehicle cabin tidy and kept clean?
  3. Does the installer’s vehicle prominently display the company’s logo and branding on the truck?
  4. Is the license number displayed prominently on the vehicle (as required by NYS law)?
  5. Is the vehicle well maintained?

The devil is in the details. An installer who keeps a neat and tidy work vehicle often places an emphasis on quality, attention to detail and workmanship. On the flip side, a sloppy appearance can mean that your security project may not get the workmanship it deserves.

A sloppy installation could mean headaches later in unreliability, false alarms and the government fees that come and worse, loss of life and property!

compareIf you see a sloppy truck, unprofessional amateur-looking ads, and no regular updates on their website or Social Media, such as Twitter and Facebook, you should automatically think “sloppy, unprofessional, and amateur – in other words – fly-by-night”

Remember, the image the installer presents to its customers can be directly related to your customer experience.