Monthly Archives: March 2017

14 Points to Keep Your Business Safe

Every year, businesses lose a staggering $33 billion due to theft. Have you taken the critical steps to protect your assets? Here’s a 14-point checklist to help keep your business safe: Install a quality security system, such as a professionally monitored video-verified system, for your property’s exterior, including warehouses and loading docks. Install a professional […]

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10 Things To Make Your Home Secure Today!

Make your house look occupied at all times. Use automated schedules to switch lights on and off when you’re not at home. Use lights at the entrance. If the outside entrances to your home are dark, install lighting with an infrared detector or simply add them to your automation schedule. Use deadbolt locks . Install […]

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Don’t Get Conned With Security

Statistically, your home is most likely to be burglarized between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. during July or August. The typical intruder is male, about 25 years old, and looking for cash and easy-to-carry (and sell) items such as jewelry, laptops, guns, cameras and small electronics. He’s also watching out for evidence of a home […]

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