Monthly Archives: November 2013

Webster New York Police Department Issues Burglary Press Release

Webster, New York, an upper class suburb outside of Rochester New York continues to experience residential burglaries during the night. A local news article published on October 9th highlighted one of the many streets falling victim to these nighttime burglaries. As a result the Webster, New York Police Department issues a press release on their […]

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Do You Have an Extra Set of Eyes for Your Home?

There was a time in America that many of us often thought our neighbors as people always looking out for us. We would have picnics and spend quality time with them and considered them as our friends. It became the norm that neighbors would look out for one another. It was also always helpful to […]

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Safety Tips for Parents of Latchkey Children

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Quick Stats on Women Workers, 2010, roughly 59% of women in the United States are currently in the workforce, many of whom have children living at home. And the number of single‐parent homes is also increasing dramatically. If you are one of the many members of the workforce […]

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