January 23, 2014

Timing Your Security Project Is Critical

workMoving your business into a newly constructed or renovated building can be exciting and stressful. There is a tremendous amount of planning and coordination that goes into the construction of a new building. Renovation or construction of a new building requires your general contractor to manage site development, framing, HVAC, electrical, sheet rock and painting among other things all just to get your new digs ready for the big move! But it doesn’t stop there.

Many business owners overlook one other important component of a new build: SECURITY. The seemingly minor detail in overlooking the security system of the facility can cost the business owner dramatically more for security then if the entire build process included the security system.

By including the security system as part of the electrical phase of any new build a significant cost savings can be realized as the prewire for security, fire, surveillance or access control are completed before the sheetrock is installed. If the security system is installed after the fact, there can be as much as a twice or more the cost to your security budget when the security system is installed after you get the keys to your new building.


When the building is wide open with exposed framing and ceiling, running the security system cables is much easier, less labor intensive and affordable during the build-out phase. The process of installing the security wires when the sheet rock and insulation is installed is a more expensive and labor intensive process as the cables will need to be fished in closed walls which consumes more time for the installer. Often times surface mount conduit will need to be used in order to get the wires where they need to be for the protection devices and cameras. This can add more cost to the project and be a detriment to the aesthetics of the new facility.

Here at Keystone Security Systems we have had our share of clients that failed to recognize proper timing of the security system installation and project management. They ended up spending significantly more for their security project and experienced the stress of fitting everything in when they should be orchestrating the move.

When planning your new building or move be sure to contact your security company early in the design or planning stages or you may hit with sticker shock later.