Fire, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Monitoring

Protect Your Business and Employees with Keystone

Life Safety Solutions for Business

Hallway fire alarm

Safeguard your employees, your inventory and your company with Keystone life safety and fire solutions. Our advanced knowledge, technical expertise and reliable products will ensure your facilities and people are protected and your business is in compliance with local, state and national code requirements.

Life Safety Systems and Sensors

Get the ultimate protection of life and property with our line of fire detection, alarm controls and monitoring. Our industry-leading products can sense the presence of fire, smoke, extreme temperatures and flamables/combustables. It can also be integrated with your alarm system to create a flexible wired or wireless intelligent system to control doors, elevators and pinpoint the exact location of your people and source of trouble.

Fire safety symbol
Fire safety symbol

Emergency Notifications

Emergency communication, instant alerts cloud-based emergency and mass notification systems that provide a seamless solution. Whether you need to reach people in an emergency or for routine communication, you can contact them quickly with one controlled message and notifications.

Commercial Security Services

  • Video and camera surveillance
  • Access control
  • Fire and flame alarms
  • Security automation
  • Network security

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Life safety
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Sprinkler monitoring
  • System integration
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