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Why a Fire Alarm is Important in a Hotel

Fire safety is important, even when you are away from home. People may not think about fire safety when they are on vacation or traveling for business but Fire Safety in a hotel is very important. Did you know: Every year, there are over 3,500 fires in hotels and motels. This staggering statistic underlines the […]

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How to survive an Active Shooter Event at Work

You’re at work and suddenly you think you hear a gunshot. What do you do? Do you RUN? Do you HIDE? Or should you FIGHT? David Katz, a former senior special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration and an expert in active shooter situations, said the first step is spotting danger. The sound of a gunshot […]

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What CO Detectors & Milk Have in Common?

Many of us know that Milk has a finite shelf life in the fridge. After that date the milk will become rancid and is no longer viable to drink. Did you know that Carbon Monoxide Detectors have an expiration date as well? Carbon Monoxide detectors have a limited life of about 5-7 years and need […]

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Does your childcare provider offer a false sense of security?

Keeping our kids safe is our number one priority. Every day we hear sad stories about childcare providers. Most parents assume that when they leave their children in the care of a professional that their kids are well provided for—that means safe and secure! It seems that people spend more time checking the credentials of […]

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Why Have a Monitored Smoke Detector? Your Pet Will Tell You.

Each year in the United States, thousands of people lose their lives to fire. The financial costs can reach into the billions of dollars. Forgotten in these tragedies are the hundreds of thousands of family members who suffer death or injury as well – our pets. According to the US Fire Administration’s website (, more than 1.7 […]

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