October 10, 2013

Why Have a Monitored Smoke Detector? Your Pet Will Tell You.

Each year in the United States, thousands of people lose their lives to fire. The financial costs can reach into the billions of dollars. Forgotten in these tragedies are the hundreds of thousands of family members who suffer death or injury as well – our pets.

According to the US Fire Administration’s website (, more than 1.7 million uncontrolled fires occur annually in the US. The Fire Administration does not keep tally, but other groups have estimated that more than 500,000 pets are killed by house fires each year. Why are we so good at saving human lives, but our pets seem to perish?

Ceiling mounted alarm

For over 30 years laws have mandated smoke detectors in any home or apartment. In fact, the Public/Private Fire Safety Council has called for an elimination of residential fire deaths by the year 2020 and smoke alarms figure prominently in their plan. But the high pitched alarm that saves so many human lives is not helpful for saving our beloved pets.

The sad fact is that many pets will die in house fires because they are unable to get out of the home. This often happens when the family is away. Rescue personnel are frequently unaware of pets needing help.

Working smoke detectors are helpful to the humans, but if you aren’t there to hear the sound of the detector, your pets could be trapped inside with no way to escape to safety.

At Keystone Security Systems we urge pet owners to consider monitored smoke detectors as extra protection and safety. Monitored smoke detectors have the added benefit of  alerting the fire department more quickly thereby increasing the chances that your pets will get out safely.  When smoke is detected inside your home, the smoke detector sets off an audible siren inside the house. It also sends an alert to our Monitoring Center, which immediately notifies the fire department. These monitored smoke detector works 24 hours a day, whether or not your security system is armed.

Give your four-legged family the life saving technology that your two-legged family enjoys – give them a chance to survive a fire.