March 7, 2014

Does your childcare provider offer a false sense of security?

kids laying down in circleKeeping our kids safe is our number one priority. Every day we hear sad stories about childcare providers. Most parents assume that when they leave their children in the care of a professional that their kids are well provided for—that means safe and secure!

It seems that people spend more time checking the credentials of their doggie day care over their child’s daycare provider. Recently, I asked our daughter’s physical therapist to name the single most important thing she’d look for in a child care provider. She didn’t hesitate and said, “I would always choose a provider that has security cameras.

Real security whether at an in-home daycare or commercial daycare facility is more than just a buzzer on the front door. Many centers operate on shoe-string budgets and good intentions. Operators erroneously believe that their facility is “safe enough”— hence the false sense of security.

So, what should you look for in selecting a child care provider?

Are there electronic locks on the doors?
Child care centers need to control both children and adult access, including parents, visitors and vendors via a single entrance. All other doors should allow egress only in case of an emergency. These doors should never ever be dead bolted. Egress can be in the form of crash bars, paddle releases or request-to-exit sensors and be monitored to cause an audible alarm when opened. Read this recent article in USA Today on the importance of access control and daycare providers.

Are there surveillance cameras?
A video surveillance system at a daycare should be mandatory these days. Camera systems have become extremely affordable and technically advanced. Hence, they are no longer “too expensive.” To learn more, download our eBook here.

Is there a fire alarm?
Did you know that while local fire codes make a fire alarm mandatory in many locations, some facilities are not required to have a fire alarm? That’s a poor excuse. And do not confuse smoke detectors with a fire alarm system. The presence of a true fire alarm system onsite speaks volumes.

Are carbon monoxide (CO) detectors present?
The unfortunate events recently at a Legal Seafoods restaurant draw attention to the importance of this inexpensive, life-saving device. Monitored detectors are the best and relatively inexpensive. Plug-in models can be as little as $20. There’s no excuse for not having a detector in each area where children play, eat or nap.

No excuses. With nearly 11 million children under age 5 in some type of child care setting every week, we cannot afford a false sense of security when real security is affordable. At Keystone Security, we’re committed not to installing just hardware, but to educating clients on what constitutes real security today. Real peace of mind comes from knowing what you don’t know and life-safety solutions that make sense.

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