home safety

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

The holidays are a time to enjoy family and take a relaxing break from work. They’re also a time to be vigilant about the increased chance of a household fire. Read through these fire safety tips and review them with your family so that everyone stays safe during the holiday season. Keep Decorations Away from […]

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What CO Detectors & Milk Have in Common?

Many of us know that Milk has a finite shelf life in the fridge. After that date the milk will become rancid and is no longer viable to drink. Did you know that Carbon Monoxide Detectors have an expiration date as well? Carbon Monoxide detectors have a limited life of about 5-7 years and need […]

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What Is a Safe Neighborhood?

When people ask me what my company does I tell them, we provide protection that is beyond peace of mind. Protection of a home or a business in my world means that we keep your family, your home, your business or job (if you aren’t a business owner) safe from fire, burglary, water damage and […]

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