August 2, 2013

Would you buy a fridge from your cable company?

fridgeUp until recently you had limited choices for security systems. You would buy an alarm or camera system from a security company. That was it. They are easy to spot. Most security companies usually have SECURITY as their middle name. For example, Keystone Security Systems has a middle name of SECURITY.

And why is that? That is ALL we do. We specialize in security systems and life safety systems. There is tremendous value from the customer perspective when choosing a company that specializes in security. You get a specialist who is current on all the latest security products. Just like a surgeon or doctor remains current, we are the security doctor.

There are a lot of choices today when a business or residential customer is shopping for a security system. There are also a lot of choices on who to hire to install your security system as well as product choices and features. You can hire a security company which oftentimes specializes in protecting your home and business or you can also hire a computer guy or contractor to install a system.

Other option is to buy your security system from your cable company. Makes sense, right? Why not? They already give you internet and cable TV service. Why not shop at the same place?

I guess, you need to ask yourself one question: when you are looking to buy a new Refrigerator, where would you buy it? Sears? Home Depot, Lowes? An appliance store? Why is that?

What if your cable or satellite dish company sold refrigerators or appliances? Would you buy it from them? What would the service be like? How long would you be on hold waiting for a technician who knew how to help you? How long would you be on the phone before you were told to fix the problem yourself by unplugging the fridge? What’s the experience like when you call the cable company?

A security system has an important job to do: it keeps your home, your family and your business safe 24 hours a day from a burglar, home invader and even fire. So, before you sign of the dotted line with ABC Cable or ABC Dish for a security system for your home or business, ask yourself this question:

Would you buy a refrigerator from your cable company, then why would your security system there?

Oh, by the way, some appliance stores are now selling security systems too. Is security their middle name?