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Smoke Detectors: Batteries, Monitoring and 10 Year Life

When first introduced, smoke detectors needed special batteries, but at $10 a piece, dead batteries often remained in place. By the 1980s, hard-wired detectors with alkaline battery back-ups ensured functionality at all times. However, in an empty building, a fire would rage until it attracted notice and someone called the local fire department. The solution to provide the highest level of life-safety is to have […]

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Why is Commercial Fire Alarm So Expensive?

I often get asked from potential buyers as to why a fire alarm for their business is so much more costly than the alarm for their home. Fire alarm systems are a crucial part of protecting lives in both commercial and residential properties. They are designed to save lives and protect property by alerting people […]

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Where there’s smoke there’s fire!

Where there’s smoke there’s fire! We’ve all heard the saying, but it’s true. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), nearly two-thirds (64%) of home fire deaths in 2007-2011 resulted from fires in one of these areas―the bedroom, the living room, the family room or den, or the kitchen. And guess what contributed to these […]

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AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Time Warner, Oh My!

So, you decided that you would like to get an alarm system for your home. Seeing all the ads and hype for the new security offerings from AT&T®, Time Warner® and Verizon Wireless®, to name a few, has you curious and eager to get protected. You just have a few questions… Can my cable or […]

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Who Will Call 911 When You Can’t?

Not all smoke detectors are the same. There are many smoke detectors on the market. Some are inexpensive and can be had for $5 at a discount store and do nothing more than beep. There are others that have more bells and whistles, cost much more then a five note but still do what is […]

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