March 23, 2013

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Time Warner, Oh My!

So, you decided that you would like to get an alarm system for your home. Seeing all the ads and hype for the new security offerings from AT&T®, Time Warner® and Verizon Wireless®, to name a few, has you curious and eager to get protected. You just have a few questions…

  • Can my cable or phone company keep my home and family safe too?
  • Can that neat little concept of a bundle keep me safe?

From a cable company’s perspective this is a winner and they are betting big bucks that you will trust them and then buy from them. These companies have a huge investment in their network infrastructure already. To them security seems like a match made in heaven and even more opportunity to make bigger profits. These Corporate executives see the security market as a great way to boost revenue and make shareholders even happier.

You’re beginning to think that getting a security system from the same company that provides your home and family with internet and phone service sounds like a match made in heaven. And why not? Most of the cable and internet providers already have the call centers established and are staffed by worldwide call takers to answer all of your questions at a moments notice. Perfect, right?

  • Ever call your cable or phone company for service when things are not so rosy?
  • How’s it feel?
  • How’s the service?
  • How are you treated as a customer?

Here at Keystone Security, we know that our security and life safety customers will likely be a tough sell and the disappointments will come quickly!

Many of these companies are known for having notoriously inept at customer service. In fact, I’ve had a number of merry-go-rounds myself with these companies over the years, but fortunately none involved a life or death matter. I simply can’t imagine letting any of these companies protect my home from fire or a burglar!

Home security and life safety is totally unrelated to these companies’ current business model. AT&T®, Time Warner® and Verizon Wireless® may prove to themselves and the buying public that security and life safety is out of their realm and expertise.

They are newcomers when it comes to providing true peace of mind. Life Safety and Security are two components of my life that I choose not to play games with. In fact, one critic had a lot to say about this (Read article).

As a “real” security and life safety company we do nothing other than keep families and livelihoods safe from fire and burglars. No! We do not sell you cable TV, internet service, cellphones, satellite TV or repair your car’s alternator for you. In fact, we feel that providing anything other than security and life safety is so unappealing and completely against the grain. We protect lives and property! It’s that simple.

If you are even slightly considering buying your next alarm system from anyone other than a “real” alarm company, stop and call that company. Ask for service for your phone, internet or cellphone and see how enjoyable that experience is, then call us and compare that experience.

A security system needs customer service immediately. Frustrating support calls need not apply here. Poorly trained techs in Asia? Clueless techs coming to your home between the hours of 9 and 5? I don’t think so.