December 3, 2014

Where there’s smoke there’s fire!

Where there’s smoke there’s fire!

We’ve all heard the saying, but it’s true. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), nearly two-thirds (64%) of home fire deaths in 2007-2011 resulted from fires in one of these areas―the bedroom, the living room, the family room or den, or the kitchen. And guess what contributed to these numbers? “Smoking materials” were identified as the cause in 22% of all civilian home fire deaths. Each year in the United States, thousands of people lose their lives to fire and three out of five home fire deaths were from fires in which NO SMOKE ALARM was present!

The Solution
Smoke detectors, and not just the $5.00 alarms you buy at the home centerMonitored Smoke Detector, but GOOD SMOKE DETECTORS that can detect smoldering fires, not just raging infernos and can not only save a life, but can also save your home. This important smoke detector is part of an alarm system and is installed by your alarm company will do just that and more.

These smoke detectors are connected through a burglar alarm system and save lives and property. When smoke is detected inside your home, the smoke detector sets off an audible siren inside the house. It also sends an alert to our Monitoring Center, which immediately notifies the fire department. These monitored smoke detector works 24 hours a day, whether or not your security system is armed.

What’s cooking?
It may surprise you to know that 42% of home structure fires start in the kitchen! How can this be? Didn’t our mothers teach us how to use the stove properly? Apparently not! Because these fires caused 38% of all civilian home fire injuries according to NFPA. Did you know that a 50¢ box of baking soda in the cupboard adjacent to the stove can be the difference between dinner and redecorating your kitchen? Get some and have it handy.

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