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Surveillance, Audio and the Law

Questions regarding audio monitoring and recording and the law are one of the most frequent inquiries we receive from our customers. Under U.S. law, audio monitoring is legal as long as there is no expectation of privacy amongst those being monitored. State laws are very similar. International laws vary greatly in terms of permitted applications of audio. We work […]

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The Hidden ROI of Surveillance in Business

There are many hidden benefits having a good surveillance system where you work—not just the obvious. Rather, there can be a significant ROI associated with a state-of-the-art camera system in protecting people, property, plant and equipment. Security ROI is complex and, at times, hard to quantify. The payoff from systems designed to protect a retail […]

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How to upgrade your surveillance without losing your shirt

Until recently upgrading a surveillance system meant ripping out the entire system, cables, recorder and all and spending thousands to upgrade. This often was a roadblock for the customer and most people stayed with the analog cameras and a fuzzy image because that is all they could afford. Recent security camera advances has moved analog […]

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When Will a Surveillance System Land You in Prison?

Video surveillance systems are an excellent tool for home business and at home. A camera system can record criminal activity from burglary, robbery, vandalism and theft. In a business environment a system can be used to monitor employee performance and customer traffic. The benefits and uses are many. Many homeowners and business owners alike often […]

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Do You Have an Extra Set of Eyes for Your Home?

There was a time in America that many of us often thought our neighbors as people always looking out for us. We would have picnics and spend quality time with them and considered them as our friends. It became the norm that neighbors would look out for one another. It was also always helpful to […]

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Surveillance Cameras and the CSI Effect

Crime shows like CSI and NCIS have affected the surveillance industry dramatically. Hollywood exaggerates just how much surveillance systems can ‘see’. You know the television scenes where all the characters of CSI are standing around a monitor, watching  surveillance video and someone says, “That’s it, right there! Can you enhance that image?” The video tech […]

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