How Can I Prevent Employee Theft?

Five finger discounts. Every business has it. Face it. Employees steal. As a business owner you may feel you want to trust your employees, and why not? You hired them to do an important job for you and you can’t do it all. But trusting your employees can set you and your business up for […]

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Surveillance Cameras and the CSI Effect

Crime shows like CSI and NCIS have affected the surveillance industry dramatically. Hollywood exaggerates just how much surveillance systems can ‘see’. You know the television scenes where all the characters of CSI are standing around a monitor, watching¬† surveillance video and someone says, “That’s it, right there! Can you enhance that image?” The video tech […]

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Is Your Business Growing or Shrinking?

If you are a business owner or manager, be assured of one thing: employees are stealing from you. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 75% employees steal from their workplace at least once – and half steal repeatedly. Why? Because no one catches them! Many business owners and managers ignore the signs because they […]

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