November 20, 2013

Do You Have an Extra Set of Eyes for Your Home?

police carThere was a time in America that many of us often thought our neighbors as people always looking out for us. We would have picnics and spend quality time with them and considered them as our friends. It became the norm that neighbors would look out for one another. It was also always helpful to have an extra set of eyes on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary.

A lot of that has changed over the years. We have become isolated with our own lives. Communication and human contact has been replaced by social networking and email. We work longer hours and still have to fetch the kids from baseball, choir, or some other extracurricular activity. Neighbors no longer know each other and are not always going to be on guard and can’t watch your home 24/7. They may be working, away, playing with the kids, doing yard work, or asleep in their beds.

Times have changed even more where the neighbor that you feel has your back will not put themselves at risk by taking action in the event of a break-in. Americans often look the other way.

Here is a perfect example of how easy it is for a neighbor to ignore the obvious. The surveillance video below shows a man canvassing homes for presumably bottles and cans. All the while the neighbor across the street is oblivious to the man who is making his rounds.

As a security professional who has a trained eye for the less obvious, I have to ask “what other household items might he be looking for?

Many burglary victims are unaware of what occurs in their neighborhood while they are away. They only return to a mess and the feeling of loss and being violated.  A thief can sometimes be recognized as being suspicious. People who break into homes usually have nothing other than a drug habit to support and will not think twice about hurting the homeowner or the family if they encounter a homeowner.It is best to be protected and know what to do should a situation arise. No neighborhood is crime free. It could happen anywhere, at anytime, to anyone.

This is where a home surveillance system or alarm system can keep watch 24/7 without putting anyone in harm’s way. These electronic “good-neighbors” are always on and never ever go to the store or wander!

Security technology has become so affordable that every home can now be protected without depleting the retirement or bank account. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to be safe, just Peace of Mind.