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Can I Record Audio In My Business?

I am frequently asked if audio can be recorded in a surveillance system in various situations such as a retail store, church, school classroom, work office, in common areas in a residential building and in a home. Usually the answer is a flat NO, and the reason is that even if one party to the […]

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When Will a Surveillance System Land You in Prison?

Video surveillance systems are an excellent tool for home business and at home. A camera system can record criminal activity from burglary, robbery, vandalism and theft. In a business environment a system can be used to monitor employee performance and customer traffic. The benefits and uses are many. Many homeowners and business owners alike often […]

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Hidden Smoke Detector Cameras Can Get You in Hot Water

We have all seen them. Smoke detectors..or cameras that look like smoke detectors. How can you tell the difference? Many times you cannot. Many of these cameras are just that – cameras and are really non-functional smoke detectors. But did you know as a business owner using these hidden cameras can get you in a […]

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