home and business security systems

Customer Tip #113: The Installer’s Vehicle Can Be Foretelling

Let’s set the scene… You need an alarm, camera or key fob access system installed for your home or business. You want it to meet all your criteria relative to features and scheduling of the work. The sales person assures you that all will be perfect! The sales person also tells you that the system […]

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The New Burglar Tools 2.0

Do you or your kids have a Facebook account? How about Twitter? MySpace? Google+? When you are shopping for an appliance or a home, do you use the internet? Do you go online to do shopping or research? Some call the internet the World “Wild” Web. Why? Read one and you shall be in the […]

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What Does Free or Cheap Security Mean?

You may have seen the ads: Get your FREE Security System. Get your FREE Yard Sign and State of the Art Security System for FREE. Get an $875 Security System Absolutely Free. Business Security System for $99 Sounds like a great deal, right? If you honestly think you’re going to get proper protection for your […]

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Can you afford NOT to be protected?

I often hear from homeowners “I can’t afford to have a home security system” or “I have extended myself financially and can’t justify the cost of a home alarm.” Considering all the expenses a homeowner has, utilities, insurance, taxes, repairs, decorating expenses, lawn care and others an alarm system is just one more expense you […]

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