March 25, 2017

14 Points to Keep Your Business Safe

Every year, businesses lose a staggering $33 billion due to theft. Have you taken the critical steps to protect your assets?

Here’s a 14Video monitors-point checklist to help keep your business safe:

  1. Install a quality security system, such as a professionally monitored video-verified system, for your property’s exterior, including warehouses and loading docks.
  2. Install a professional video surveillance system for your interior property.
  3. Protect high-theft areas such as cash offices, supply rooms, and computer equipment with locks and/or video monitoring.
  4. Install an access control system for a higher level of security, especially if your business has high employee turnover, valuable materials, or dangerous areas.
  5. Ensure that your windows are locked or otherwise protected at all times. Unsecured windows offer easy access for thieves.
  6. Create a designated check-in area and receiving protocol for visitors and delivery personnel.
  7. Use a role-defined access system for your networks to control access to sensitive files and folders.
  8. Keep important or sensitive documents under lock and key, and shred discarded documents on a daily basis.
  9. Make sure to secure your Wi-Fi networks to prevent hackers and “piggybackers” from compromising your internet connection and getting to your data.
  10. Make a policy that employees who use laptops at their desks must take them when they leave or secure them out of sight in a locked drawer. Likewise, handheld devices should never be left on desks where they can easily be stolen.
  11. Change employee computer passwords every 30 days.
  12. Promptly retrieve keys from terminated employees.
  13. Run a background check on your cleaning service provider and other vendors.
  14. Many of today’s printers store documents in their own on-board memories. If your printer is stolen, a hacker could easily make copies of recently printed documents. Place your printers in secure locations and make sure they are bolted to the floor.

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