April 4, 2017

The Silent Killer

Did you know that carbon monoxide (CO) is frequently referred to as the “silent killer”?

It earned this dubious distinction because it is odorless and, in high enough quantities, it’s fatal. In the period from 1999-2010, unintentional CO poisoning was the cause of 5,149 deaths just in the United States alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s an average of 430 deaths per year, or more than one person losing their life to CO poisoning every day! Perhaps the most tragic part about this startling number is that many of these deaths were likely preventable … and the security industry has the best solution to prevent these types of fatalities.

Studies show that correctly installed and properly maintained CO detectors save lives. Because CO poisoning can cause mental confusion and loss of consciousness, monitored detectors save lives when people are asleep or otherwise unable to save themselves. Even when a person is fully aware or awake, CO basically lulls its victims to sleep. And the average home that utilizes natural gas has many potential areas for leakage.

Local CO detectors certainly play a big part in life safety, but nothing can compete with a CO detector monitored by a qualified central station.

This is where a security company comes in. Most people don’t appreciate just how easily CO can accumulate in their home, that they won’t be able to tell before it’s too late, or just how deadly this invisible killer is — but we do.

Isn’t saving your life or your child’s life worth just a $100?