Radax Industries, Inc.

Almost two years ago [in 2010] my company hired Keystone Security Systems to install a burglar and fire alarm system. Admittedly, I never thought we’d need it but it was a prudent investment that provided peace of mind and a savings on our insurance premiums. On May 16th [2012], at 1:19 AM in the wee hours of the night, a fire in the front office broke out when an employee left a candle burning. Thankfully, the fire alarm system detected the smoke before it became a real fire and called the fire department. It is without exaggeration that had we not had the system we might have lost our business. At 3:00 AM when I called Keystone Security, a real person answered the phone and was there to assist me with a system reset. By 10:30 AM the same day, Keystone had been to our facility and replaced the smoke detector that saved our business. It is with extreme gratitude that I write this while sitting in my place of business contemplating what today might have looked like had Keystone Security not done such an exemplary job.

Richard SaccoPresident, Radax Industries, Inc.