August 8, 2017

Security expert: Alarm system over surveillance cameras

You’ve seen the stories about burglars caught on camera. Just recently, a Rochester teen was arrested for a string of burglaries in Greece after he was caught on camera.

Many homeowners will purchase a camera system to keep their home safe from burglars. But is the right investment to keep your home and family safe?  Listen to what John Romero, President of Keystone Security Systems has to say regarding Cameras vs Alarms during this WHEC TV 10 interview.


While surveillance systems are a great security tool, they are not going to keep the intruder out of your home. Security experts agree that the best security system to protect your home is a monitored alarm system paired with a surveillance system. Surveillance systems are not preventative in nature but are an After The Fact tool. A monitored alarm system will notified authorites if an intruder breaches the system by breaking into the home.  A surveillance system while having some cool features won’t contact law enforcement if someone tries to break in.

Intrusion alarm systems are a better option since they are constantly monitored when they are armed. Those systems also have safety features that can monitor water levels in your home and even dangerous chemicals and smoke & fire.