June 21, 2018

Open Garage Door Burglaries

Summertime is here and there is a growing trend among burglars: Open Garage Door Burglaries. Typically, these crimes occur when a garage door is accidentally left open. Burglars drive neighborhoods looking for these kinds of “easy targets,” and steal whatever valuables they find.

Often, they take credit and debit cards from purses or wallets left in the front seat of vehicles. The cards are quickly used at local stores before the owner reports them stolen. Burglars have also been known to steal cars right out of the garage if keys are left in the ignition or middle console.

To prevent open garage door burglaries, double check that your garage door is down before going to bed. Never leave your garage door open unattended.  If you notice your neighbors’ door open, let them know. Establish a pattern of watching your garage door close before leaving.

If you often forget to close your door, consider purchasing a garage door monitor for your home. Many security alarms have such a feature such as a tilt sensor that can even close the garage door if left open after a set time. The monitor displays a light when the door is unsecured.

Finally, if you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 911.