January 20, 2013

Is a Self Monitored Alarm for You?

Here at Keystone Security Systems we receive calls from homeowners who want a security system but would like to ‘monitor it themselves.” The homeowner feels that because they have a smartphone and Internet access at their work they won’t need the added expense of 24/7 central station monitoring.

This premise has many drawbacks and carries tremendous risk. Here is what could go wrong if you, as a homeowner, monitor your own security system.

There was a home robbery over the holidays reported by a North Carolina news station on New Year’s Day. This event illustrates the potential costly drawbacks of relying on a self-monitored security system.

A Raleigh, N.C. couple lost $1,500 in cash and electronics and also their “peace of mind” after three thieves invaded their home while they were away for the holidays, according to The Huffington Post.

The report excitedly touts that the couple has video of the burglary, which they have posted on YouTube in hopes of catching the thieves. According to the homeowner the thieves stole $1,500 worth of goods including an Xbox, iPod and hard drive. The thieves also ruined a television, Internet router and doused the surveillance camera in bleach once they caught wind of its presence.

Think for a moment that if they had a security system that was professionally monitored 24/7 by a central monitoring station. The thieves could have been apprehended by the local responding police and the homeowner wouldn’t have suffered the loss of their valuables and the terrible feeling of having their home violated.

Click here for the article and the video of the burglar.

John Romero, President
Keystone Security Systems