February 25, 2017

How Focused is Your Camera’s Vision?

Lately there have been a couple of crimes in Rochester caught on videotape, including a murder at Motel 6 and another at the Stars and Stripes store on South Avenue? What do you recall most from the videotapes of the crime scenes that ran on the evening news and online? Was it that you couldn’t make out a clear image of the assailant or accomplice to save your life?

There’s a reason for this. Quite simply, it’s old, out-of-date surveillance technology. Analog cameras are great, but have been around for decades. Take a look at a video snippet of a person who may be casing a home for his next crime of opportunity. Can you make out the face, clothing, gender, age or skin color? Did you happen to notice that in the background there’s a neighbor working in the yard?

With today’s modern digital technology, everyone can have a high-resolution camera system at a price comparable to the analog systems of yesterday. In this case, a good camera system would have provided much clearer forensic detail—enough to identify the person to police or neighbors.

How good is the surveillance camera system that is “watching” and protecting your home or business? Ask us how we can give you a “candid camera” with images you can actually see.