October 25, 2015

Don’t let Halloween become a burglar’s treat

burglaryWith so many people out having fun on Halloween night, there’s ample opportunities for burglars to take advantage of unprepared homeowners.

Your neighbors won’t question a masked stranger ringing your doorbell on Halloween night, even if you’re out enjoying a party with friends or trick-or-treating with your children.

Halloween provides the perfect cover for a burglar. A burglar can dress up in a costume to hide his identity and has free reign to check to see if homeowners are at home. You can’t expect your neighbors to keep a watchful eye for suspicious activity around your home when that’s what’s expected on Halloween.

A home security system will keep your home safe from burglars as well as teenagers who might cause property damage if you’re away from home on Halloween. Home security systems act as a deterrent to burglars and will catch a teenager in the act if you integrate security cameras. There’s no need to worry about your house being egged or your car’s paint being ruined by shaving cream. Teenagers who are looking for a good time will avoid houses with security cameras as much as burglars looking for a quick payday. Advertising the fact that you have this technology on Halloween will keep rowdy teenagers and burglars at bay.

If you’re a family that doesn’t participate in Halloween, a burglar might think you’re not at home when you don’t answer the door. When he tries to enter your home, it can turn into a dangerous situation if your family is at home. A home security system will alert you and law enforcement that someone has broken into your home so your family will stay safe if someone tries to get in.

Halloween is just around the corner so if you’re leaving your family unprotected, it’s time to think about a home security system.