July 11, 2015

Burglary Season Tips

Burglaries traditionally increase across the region during the summer moConvicted Burglars give insightnths; residents stay out later, go on vacation, or leave their windows open during the day. Below are a few tips to prevent your home from being burglarized:

Secure Your Windows

  • Windows are more popular targets in the summer, as the plastic comes off & windows are left open for ventilation.
  • Never count on a screen, plastic tabs or even a regular lock to deter a determined offender.  Lock windows AND use wooden dowels, horizontal bars or through the frame nails to prevent the window from being fully opened.
  • An air conditioning unit is the same as leaving a window open; reinforce these windows with dowels, or place them in windows that can’t be accessed from the ground or a porch.
  • Do not leave lawn furniture or other objects out that could be used to reach a window.
  • If you are not home for a short period in the evening, consider leaving a light or electronic device on to make your home look occupied.

Track Your Property

  • Portable electronics are the most targeted item in burglaries. Keep a hard copy list of important serial numbers.
  • Photograph unique items (such as jewelry) to aid in identification & recovery.
  • Consider giving your property unique markings (such as an engraving).
  • Photograph unique items (such as jewelry) to aid in identification & recovery.

Be Vigilant

  • If you leave for an extended period, ask your neighbors or a friend to watch your house; have them deliver mail or leave their car in the driveway.
  • If you see a suspicious person or group entering a backyard or driveway, or a person or vehicle “casing” an area, do not hesitate to call the police.
  • Call the police IMMEDIATELY if your house has been burglarized; the burglar may still be in the area.

Long Term Solutions

  • Consider installing an alarm or external cameras.
  • Make the sides of your house more visible from the street; trim overgrown bushes/hedges & remove other obstacles.
  • Install deadbolts from well known brands like Schlage or Kwik Set. Cheap deadbolts are easy to penetrate.7things

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