February 19, 2018

Schools Need to Do More to Protect Our Children

I’m appalled and most of all saddened every time I hear about a school shooting; never mind all the other violent crimes. In today’s day and age and with modern technology, mass school shootings could be considered gross negligence on the part of the school system.
For more then a decade there have been cameras that are able to detect whether someone is carrying a gun. The years since technology has made large advances on analytical technology. It’s really not feasible for a school to have security guards throughout, monitoring facility and students. In addition that would make schools more like a prison then a place to be creative and learn. 
Cameras can be set up on guard tours to monitor the halls and even the live classes. When a student steps out of the class early, cameras could be set to automatically follow that student. If they were to then pull a gun from their locker or jacket, a notification would automatically go out triggering a lock down. Best of all with thermal imagining cameras the gun could be detected before it even entered the building. Video monitoring for these cameras should be done by a 24/7 central monitoring station, that is trained to correctly respond to these events. 
Access control systems could also be implemented to make sure students are only going in and out of their designated classroom. Security companies need to be pushing additional safety products to local school districts. An investment in security, is an investment in saving lives.