burglary prevention

7 Mistakes Business Owners Make With Security

So you are the executive of a business or may one tasked with making certain that the business facilities run smoothly. Many organizations are taking steps to making sure their facilities are properly protected but often we see that there are aspects of physical security that get missed or are not covered well enough. Aesthetics […]

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Holiday Home Security Tips

The holiday season is about to jump into full swing. Busy party schedules, shopping and travels to relatives and friends can leave homes unoccupied. According to police and the FBI, residential crime spikes during the holidays. Day are shorter and there is less daylight. Homes fill up with unwrapped presents, and burglars are busy shopping […]

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Physical Security Complacency Opens The Door

In this economy the small business owner is focused more than ever on growing the business through retaining and acquiring new customers. The thought of becoming a victim of crime is an unwelcome visitor and rarely becomes the equation in business operational costs. All too often a business owner is focused more on day to day operations rather than questioning if the […]

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What Is a Safe Neighborhood?

When people ask me what my company does I tell them, we provide protection that is beyond peace of mind. Protection of a home or a business in my world means that we keep your family, your home, your business or job (if you aren’t a business owner) safe from fire, burglary, water damage and […]

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Scientific Study Shows Alarm Systems Deter Burglars

A scientific survey concluded that burglars are often deterred from specific targets that have alarm systems installed. The study conducted by criminal justice professors from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC) interviewed 422 incarcerated male and female burglars. The study found that: 83% would try to determine if an alarm was present before […]

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When a Burglary Lands Your Practice into a HIPAA Nightmare?

Many small medical practices never think about the eventual disaster of a burglary. Even fewer never consider what would happen if an intruder during the course of a burglary managed to steal the practice’s computer server or workstation – with the practice’s patient records. Your practice now went from a simple police report to a […]

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