June 8, 2013

Copper Thieves Leave Business Feeling the Heat

A local business was the target of copper thieves Memorial Day weekend. According to a business spokesperson, suspects got on the roof and stripped rooftop air conditioning units of the copper. The crime resulted in over $80,000 in damage.

Copper theft is getting increasingly popular among thieves as the price of copper continuesac to climb. Theft of air conditioners and heat pumps are becoming the choice for many thieves because of their ease of access and abundant supply of copper. Air conditioners have large amounts of steel and copper, which have a large scrap value. They have become an easy target for thieves and many thieves are stealing air conditioner units and selling them at scrap yards as the material is difficult to trace.

It takes a thief less than five minutes to destroy a $1600 residential air conditioning unit in order to steal $30 worth of copper in an unprotected unit. While some law enforcement agencies across the country have formed special task forces to try and control and track down these thieves, the best way to protect yourself is to take action and install a security solution to protect your investment.

Copper thieves are not going away anytime soon!
With copper prices steadily climbing well above $4 a pound, now more than ever companies need to protect themselves against copper-craving thieves. Insurance companies are catching on as well. Many insurance carriers will pay for only only claim and drop the insured if it happens again. If this happens, your estate or business could be left to pay for a very expensive bill…all out of your wallet.

How can you protect yourself? Simple, use the many security devices that detect Copper Cop Anti-Theft Devicetampering of AC units. These security devices detect sudden changes in coolant pressure and notify law enforcement of the in-progress theft.

All too often we are reactive when it comes to protecting our home or business. Call Keystone Security Systems today to learn how our security solutions go beyond peace of mind and provide proven protection for your home, your business and your air conditioner. The last thing we want to hear from you is “I should have called you before this happened!” The “this” might be a burglary, a fire or a theft.